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When Chris Bennetts moved to Philippines
From Christopher "aka"Chris Bennetts website hoeybabes facial bukkake section

When Chris Bennetts moved to Philippines. Hello and welcome to this blog about an Australian National moved to Philippines around year 2005. He wasn't a simple expat among thousands in the category of retirees in their 60+ mostly married to Filipino women looking for a peaceful life "in Paradise" No.

He wasn't an investor that chose the Philippines as a THE place to be for doubling the return of your investment. (Let me know if you know any.) 

He wasn't the exhausted manager of a big corporation on his rejuvenating sabbatical year. He came to the Philippines in the city of Cebu with a Filipino wife, 4 minor children  and an agenda. And is the last word we are interested most. The agenda.

A bit of background first. Up to the year 2008 Christopher AKA Chris Bennetts was a little known name on the net showing his self build profile of a man in good standing  in the community, as opposed to the one reserved to the "elite" of the porn and con artists world.

The only thing the public at large knew was what ever he wanted to tell us, how great guy he was, introducing himself as an IT specialist like this one below. 

When Chris Bennetts moved to Philippines
Christopher AKA Chris Bennetts said he lives in Hong Kong. A lie. He can't afford it, for financial and other legal reasons, as we will demonstrate down the road Chris' behavior is not compatible with orderly societies where a single contravene will be severely punished. That's not a place for him. He navigates between the Philippines and Thailand and never will disclose when and where is there or here, taking advantage of the loose tracking Immigration system of both countries.

A search made on Visearch busines where he said he works did only yield a bunch of lies that he claims on his curriculum vitae. He claims this for many years but has never supported his "talents" with evidence, not one! Why should we have to take bla bla bla for cash? Below is his a capture of what he tells us. Even the picture is fake. Photoshoped,nothing to do with his real look.

When Chris Bennetts moved to Philippines

His real look in the most recent pictures published look like this below. An old man prematurely aged by abuse of drugs and alcohol, also luck of adequate health insurance coverage he can't get medical  treatment, God only knows how much he needs it....


This is not his first and only web site Christopher Bennetts erected for the purpose of polishing his image. Is just an example, he has many of the kind claiming lies and deceits on him and others, all of them appeared after the year 2008. What happened this year? That's exactly what me and my team are here to explain.

Christopher AKA Chris Bennetts from Australia, like any one who operates on the margin of laws, moral and social ethics had to stay underground, carefully protect his anonymity and real activities  on the net. It was absolutely a must!  Provided he was weaving a good image also within civic NGO like the Rotary International where he was the president of a club for a short time before they "resigned" him,the club closed a few months later. More on that on future entries.

Folks, we are all familiar as to how criminals and all law breakers are unmasked and brought to justice or to the public tribunal of naming and shaming when the first failed its task. 90% of the cases by their own mistake consisting of seeking fame and recognition of the power they thing they have, reality being the result of a borderline behavior they can't get rid of it, that behavior that pushed them to the lawless life style, the one they are satisfied with.

One day, it was September 30 2008 some one opened a thread in a forum owned by one of his friends Paul Petrea, now a fugitive and partner to his night escapades and criminal activities. As you see in the screenshot below he entered the arena under the forum name "Philippines escape" but as the story being unfolded it didn't take long for his anonymity to fall and expose his real name, welcome to Christopher "aka" Bennetts. 

The above is only part of the introduction, you can read the whole story below where there also a link to the original site where the "event" took place.

Next: The saga of "For the love of the Rex", Christopher Bennetts fled to Thailand hours before a warrant of arrest was issued against him and more.